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Below you will find basic information about the Pink Feather process. Our program is designed for students and teachers to shop together. If you are in need of clothing, please reach out to a teacher you are comfortable with to place an order.

annual Student allowance

5 X      Jeans/Pants/Leggings

5 X      Shorts/Skirts/Dresses

5 X      Long-Sleeved Shirts/Sweatshirts

5 X      Short-Sleeved Shirts/Tank Tops

5 X      Pair of Socks

5 X      Pair of Underwear

3 X      Bras

1 X      Winter Hat

1 X      Pair of Gloves or Mittens

1 X      Pair of Ski Pants

1 X      Pair of Boots

1 X      Pair of Shoes or Sandals

1 X      Winter Coat

Per Student, Per Year

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