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Pink Feather Foundation works to improve the lives of students by partnering with teachers to confidentially provide clothing and accessories at no cost.​

We envision all students having the clothing and accessories they need to be confident, engaged, and prepared to achieve their full potential.


When students feel unsure of their clothes or appearance, insecurity and anxiety can set in. From the start of the Pink Feather process, students are empowered to choose clothing that fits their personal style. By eliminating the burden of worry about clothing and accessories, students can confidently participate in their school and community.


Due to Pink Feather’s unique design, teachers and students are connected throughout the process. When that relationship is strengthened, students work harder and become more engaged in the classroom.


A student’s increased engagement often extendsbeyond the classroom into opportunities in athletics, extra-curricular activities, and employment. When kids are confident and engaged, they are prepared to try new things, realize new opportunities, and discover new passions.

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