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The Pink Feather Foundation was created in 2011, in an effort to help our community any way that we could. We did a lot of fundraising events for cancer patients, fire victims, and people in need. We became a 501c-3 nonprofit organization in 2014, and tried to continue helping those in need. In 2017 we discussed being more focused on one area. We decided that we would like to help teachers get the clothing they need for their students without costing them anything out of pocket.

Why We Started 


Working in the school system myself,  I (Joni) have witnessed the heartache teachers go through as they watch their students go out for recess on a cold winters day without a coat or boots. I have stayed up all night worrying about my students and if they are warm enough over the weekend. We, as teachers, would love to be able to purchase items that our students desperately need, but the need is great and costly. As I investigated solutions to this problem, I was surprised to find that there were none, so we worked hard to created one.

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