Maine's Children


your donation changes lives.

We aim to cater to the psychological needs of our youth. Adolescents feel more comfortable when they can blend in with their peers as opposed to standing out, and their clothing is the number one way they do that. 

It's about more than just clothing.

 If a student is not comfortable in the clothing they are wearing they tend to not want to draw attention to themselves. They won’t raise their hand in class, or will avoid having to make presentations as a few examples. Having clothing that allows them to feel comfortable and blend in will also increase self esteem and productivity in class. School shooters are often students who feel like outcasts, and though we know our program is not a cure for these events, we hope to help make students feel more comfortable within themselves as well as solidify a bond between students and teachers. By allowing these children to be able to shop for themselves, pick out clothing that they like, and have those items be delivered in a fashionable package feels less like a hand out and more like a shopping trip. Our clothing is in like-new or new quality.


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